Self Harm


Self Harm is an issue of rising concern in Bexley and nationally. In July 2015 the BSCB Board received a report from a Task & Finish Group on Self Harm set up in 2014 to examine the issues involved. The group produced practice guidance, aimed at practitioners, for dealing with Self Harm in Bexley which can be downloaded below.

BSCB Self Harm Practice Guidance - August 2015 (Under Review)

The Practice Guidance was launched at an event on 21 July 2015. To download the presentations go to BSCB Conferences webpage.

Guidance for schools

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This is an online resource offered by CAMHS in Bexley and Greenwich giving advice and support for young people on mental health issues.

HeadScape Bexley

Information and advice for young people can be found here:

Self Harm - Advice for young people

Self Harm in Bexley

Data from the BSCB Board report is available here:

Self Harm in Bexley July 2015

Definition of Self Harm

Self-harm can take many different forms and as an individual act is hard to define. However in general self-harm (also known as self-injury or self-mutilation) is the act of deliberately causing harm to oneself either by causing a physical injury (including, ingesting substances) by putting oneself in dangerous situations and/or self-neglect.

Suicidal Ideation and Suicide

Self-harm is often thought to be linked to suicide. For some people, self-harm is a coping mechanism rather than a suicide attempt.

However, some individuals that self-harm may well go on to complete a suicide attempt and it is therefore important not to dismiss such behaviour as solely attention seeking. In a percentage of completed suicides there will have been a history of Self Harm, but only a very small number of children who Self Harm go on to attempt or complete suicide.

Additional resources

Guidance for schools

Mental health and behaviour in schools - Departmental advice for school staff November 2018

Promoting children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing - A whole school and college approach March 2015

Schools should also use the BSCB Practice guidance above, particularly the Pathways section. However, there are a number of other documents produced elsewhere which may be helpful.

In line with Public Health England guidance, Promoting children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing: A whole school and college approach, support is available to schools through Bexley Public Health.

Staff CPD training, workshops and assemblies are available for schools.

For more information contact Pascale Berthellet, Public Health Advisor for Children and Young People

Managing self-harm practical guidance for schools (LB Ealing)

Health documents

NHS England Future in Mind report (link)

Self Harm - Understanding NICE Guidance

Samaritans leaflets

Suicide in schools: Information for parents

How to prepare and respond to suicide in schools