Allegations against staff - the LADO


Managing Allegations Against Staff & Volunteers Working with Children

The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) manages allegations against professionals and volunteers who are involved with children.

Bexley has a statutory duty to effectively manage allegations against people who work with children under Section 11 of the Children Act 2004 and this is further highlighted in Working Together to Safeguard Children, the London Child Protection Procedures and the Department of Education guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education.

The LADO must be contacted without delay and within one working day in respect of all cases in which it is alleged that a person who works with children has:

• behaved in a way that has harmed a child, or may have harmed a child;

• possibly committed a criminal offence against or related to a child; or

• behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates they may pose a risk of harm to children.

Contact details

The LADO in Bexley is:

Sharon Ackbersingh

Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

Bexley Council

Civic Offices

2 Watling Street


Kent DA6 7AT

Tel: 0203 045 3436 (LADO Team)

Tel: 0203 045 5645 (Business Support)

Tel: 0203 045 5440 (MASH)



If you are unable to contact the LADO Business Support or LADO directly, please call through to the MASH. The Social Worker on duty will be able to give you advice or will forward a message to the LADO. Alternatively, please email and they will endeavour to get back to you the same day.

Please use the secure email (cjsm or Egress Switch) for sending referral forms (see below) or any other sensitive information to the LADO.

Referral form

LADO referral form - (Word Document)

Further information

Managing allegations of abuse made against somebody who works with children in Bexley - This leaflet has been produced to explain the process for making a referral to the LADO. It helps referrers to understand their responsibilities and what the potential outcome of a referral might be.

Working Together to Safeguard Children (pages 57-58 and 105)

London Child Protection Procedures – Part A7: Allegations against staff or volunteers, who work with children

Keeping Children Safe in Education (in particular part four)