Me Learning - Safeguarding Children

IMPORTANT - This training must be completed within the past five years prior to participants attending LSCB training courses.

There are a number of e-learning modules that can be accessed for all professionals and volunteers who work or have contact with children, this includes workers who perform ‘Controlled Activities’ as defined by the ISA (see http://www.isa-gov.org.uk/PDF/VBS_Guidance.pdf (and workers who perform ‘Regulated Activities’ but have no anticipated contact with children (e.g., workers with the elderly).

These modules are free to all staff and volunteers within the BSCB and are suitable as a refresher, or induction for new staff as a basic introduction to safeguarding. They each take between 60 – 90 minutes to complete, but you can return to them repeatedly if unable to complete in one sitting and pick up at the point you left. Successfully complete the quiz at the end of the course and you will gain your certificate.

For those learners wishing to achieve Safeguarding Children, certificates will only be available on completion of all nine short modules contained within that course. Completion will also be registered in your CPD online record.

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Safeguarding Children - Level 1

Safeguarding Adults
1. Background to Safeguarding Children Safeguarding Adults
2. Child Abuse Awareness Mental Capacity Act
3. Recognising Abuse and Neglect Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
4. If you have Concern about a child

5. Responding to Disclosure, What you should do

Safeguarding Children with Disabilities


1. Abuse of Children with Disabilities

Assessment and Planning
Sexual Abuse and Recognising Grooming Supporting Transitions
1. What is Sexual Abuse? Information sharing
2. Recognising Grooming Data Protection and Human Rights
Difficult Relationships and Conflict

Although you will prioritise your learning based on whether you work with Children & Families or with Adults we would encourage you to undertake the Information Sharing and Data Protection & Human Rights Courses as there are common threads that underpin health and social care services. We would also recommend that you have a look at the Safeguarding Adults, Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and Safeguarding Children courses as no matter what your focus; you may also work with vulnerable individuals in other service areas from time to time.

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